Though the first precise drum beats suggest this could be another Song 2 by Blur, a discordant jangling guitar bites through announcing 80’s New Wave clarity along with articulate vocals uncannily similar to The Cure’s Robert Smith. The tale told by “Ravager” by Them Bloody Royals jumps right into the midst of action, one of escape from attack. With the chorus, this story-song breaks into messy 90’s grunge, its danceable angst defining a new generation that won’t sit still and let the world pass by.

Released March 15, 2019 under Lilystars Records

Words by Sib Sibulo
Music by Sib Sibulo, Jiggers Vergel De Dios, Diego Beltran, JT Flameño, Alexis Sarmiento

Recorded & Engineered by Bryan Lotho
Mixed & Mastered by Chrisanthony Vinzons
Produced by Lilystars Records
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Sonic State Audio, Mandaluyong City

Cover Art Design by Alexis Sarmiento

℗ 2019 Lilystars Records
© 2019 Them Bloody Royals