You Are Coralline

A few weeks ago, we went back to the studio to re-arrange and re-record one of our older songs. We loved this new version so much that we decided to officially release it. Enjoy!

Written by: Them Bloody Royals
Produced by: Nasty Cruz & Them Bloody Royals
Re-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Point Bee Multimedia
Released via Lilystars Records

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Oscar The Cat

The RAVAGER MV featured the video’s main protagonist, Oscar. Oscar the cat’s Heat Vision is comparable to Superman’s – exceeding temperatures of 27,777,760 degrees Celsius when his hooman forgets his pets.

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“Ravager” Now Available on Spotify

Though the first precise drum beats suggest this could be another Song 2 by Blur, a discordant jangling guitar bites through announcing 80’s New Wave clarity along with articulate vocals uncannily similar to The Cure’s Robert Smith. The tale told by “Ravager” by Them Bloody Royals jumps right into the midst of action, one of escape from attack. With the chorus, this story-song breaks into messy 90’s grunge, its danceable angst defining a new generation that won’t sit still and let the world pass by. Them Bloody Royals is the reincarnation of the Filipino indie pop/alternative rock outfit The Royal (active from 2011-2018) and is fronted by Sib Sibulo, a former TV Host and MTV Philippines VJ (2007-2010) while the rest of the members hail from different indie groups such as The Charmes, Plane Divides The Sky and Boy Elroy. Their music is reminiscent of British bands of the past and the present ranging from jangle-pop to 80’s inspired synth-pop and 90s Britpop. 
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